Design Cards

Use proven arguments in design discussions.

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The Design Cards are currently work in progress. So they are not publicly available, yet. Some test groups are evaluating a beta version of the cards. We expect the cards to the ready by the end of November. There will be a free PDF version. Our Kickstarter campaign was a tremendous success, so there will also be professionally printed ones.


Once all the content is ready, we will make the cards available as PDF here on this page. Print them, use them, spread them as you wish. There will also be more online content alongside the cards.

Design Cards (pdf)
PDF for Printing

Printed and Boxed

We are going to produce the cards using high-quality playing card cardboard shipped with a nice transparent case. Our backers will receive the cards presumably in November. After that we will make the printed cards available via Amazon and/or some other online shop.

Design Cards (boxed)
Mockup of the Printed Cards

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