Design Matrix

Examine technical problems from all perspectives.

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Different Perspectives

When making important design decisions, you need to consider all perspectives on the problem. Different developers emphasize different aspects, though. Furthermore developers in a certain team tend to think similarly. So even when a whole team discusses the design decision, it is likely that some aspect is not considered enough.

The Design Matrix


Based on our notion of design types and dimensions, we've created a Design Matrix that helps you consider all perspectives. It helps you identify relevant questions to ask so you can check whether you’ve missed an important point.

Basic Concepts

  • For each dimension and each perspective examine your intended solutions using the questions provided by the Matrix.
  • Often the questions lead to further questions that need to be considered.
  • Use the notes boxes to write down answers, findings, or further questions.
  • If you use the Matrix as a means to document you decision, use the header area to note down relevant meta data.


Print it, use it, spread it as you like: DesignMatrix v1.0 (pdf, 1.2 MB)